Women come in all different size and shapes. All women are beautiful in their own way but the beauty of being a short woman and a slender body is sometime perks and sometime really awkward and annoying that the petite women face every single day. A petite woman has the full sized facts of life in this tall world, These facts will never understand by an average or tall size fellow.Related image

You always look younger than your actual age or people who actually younger than you. On the other hand when you are 60 you can still go young.Image result for you look younger than you are gif

People will always advice you to eat something to gain weight or if you already eat a lot they will complain how can you be like this slim?Image result for skinny girl eating  gif

You are always cute and adorable instead of any other compliment. It can be nice for sometime, but when over used, it can become the most annoying thing ever.Image result for you are cute gif

Heels are pretty much made for you, you can wear high to highest heel without being too tall but sometime you just want to wear flats or shoes.Related image

You can’t reach the top shelf or high places in your home or grocery store. You need a chair or stool or a person for that.Image result for top shelf gif

Your partner, your friends, your colleagues mostly people are tall and broad so they look older than you whether are from same age group.Related image

You have to walk twice fast in order he pace with taller people, if you walk in heels you can’t walk that much fast and if you wear flats or shoes you will look like a teenage kid with adults.Related image

Kids assume you like elder sibling or a friend and they feel comfortable with you until you scold them.Image result for kids and short people  gif

People judge you for getting marry and having kids, getting job or having a good experience in career.Image result for girl say you wont understand gif

Whenever you hug someone taller than you its head-chest hug, kiss will be tricky kiss and cuddle will give you a feel like covering under the other person.Related image

You don’t need much space and You always having to sit up in lap when there isn’t space on seat. On other hand you if you have full seat that is more than enough for you. You always have good leg space in flight, bus or car journey, you don’t need to cramp you leg, you can take your leg up and sleep there for a comfortable journey. Image result for girl sit in lap in car gif

Your size for clothes, footwear or other accessories is very rare in market but sometimes it is easily available in discount section but you need alteration from length and sides both. You can find your way in kids section that is really fun but sometimes you can get good collections for your size.Image result for teenager shopping gif

At concert or other event you see shoulder or head of tall people, can’t even see what’s going on stage and in crowd people might not able to find you even sometimes in stores also.Image result for n concert short people gif

You are pretty light so your partner wouldn’t mind to carry you but sometime  because of kiddo look people don’t consider you in adult talk. 

Related image

You never have to worry about bumping your head but You never reach the upper upper support in bus or metro while standing.Image result for short girl in bus

Maxi dresses are tent for your body and In short dresses you look like a teenager!Related image

You feel happy when you find someone smaller than you and you hate people who complain for their height when they are taller than you.Related image

You can not rest your feet while sitting on a bench or chair, It happens in home, office, outing and travelling.Image result for short girl sitting  cant hold feet gif

You have to adjust your car seat, according to your size your seat will stick with staring, For two wheeler you have to be double cautious because you can not easily touch ground without heels.Related image

And last but not least they always wish to be taller and look older, Yes I know its Funny but true, women always want to look younger they take pills, surgeries, cosmetics, makeup etc. but ladies when you look too young you will hate it and find a way to look older. πŸ˜€ Image result for i wish to look younger gif