afterglow avian backlit birdsSofthearted people are highly sensitive people. They are one of the best kind of people in this cruel world, but in today’s world quality of having a soft heart is weakness and useless. These people are too good but there is always a time when the world becomes unfair to them. Its really not easy to be a softhearted person in this darken world where no matter how good you are, you can always be criticize and replaced, where people people will judge you according to their mood and need. I have known this kind of people very personally and come to know these facts of softhearted who are highly sensitive people.

They feel more deeply

Highly sensitive people have the ability to feel more deeply. They’re very intuitive and go very deep inside just try to figure things out. They are very humble to other, can’t even think to do something that harm others. They feel overwhelmed when any favor returned and they never forget a small favor done by someone to them.

They take things personally

Taking things personally is not a good thing but softhearted people feel it and take everything personally. They can’t let it go very practically. These people think by heart to mind, they mean everything what they do or what others do, where in this world you must ignore most of the things and mind just your way to live happily.

They are more emotionally reactive

People who are highly sensitive will react more in a situation. Each emotion has a deep value to them. They cry very easily when someone yells, do wrong, get short or snap at them. They squeezed all the water and they hate being emotional in front of others. They feel bad to argue or in fight. 

They always overthink about everything

Overthinking is the prime thing for them. They always think and think and overthink. They think more because being a softhearted person they already faced the true color of this dark world so they want to be strong enough but they can’t.  They take longer to make decision by weighing every possible outcome in that situation.

They carry the burden of world

They always carry the burden of the world because they feel deeply, take things personally, are emotionally weak or overthink. They try to please everyone which is not possible because a person can not be everyone’s cup of tea. They think about others and they really affected by others.

They always stand for others

They always support or try to understand others. They will have more empathy and feel more concern for a friend’s problems. They may also have more concern about how another person may be reacting for them or for anything. They feel bad for any physically or financially or situation-ally needy person. They are very kind and helping in nature.

They’re extremely detail-oriented

These people are detail oriented in life. if someone ask what do you do to spend time they won’t just tell the particular hobby or any specific work they do. They will tell each and very detail of every minute they spend and this detail they want in return when they ask something. They can describe any thing very properly. They are well mannered and well organized.

They over apologies for everything 

Softhearted people always are mostly very true. When something happen they apologies again and again. These people consider world like them and ended up with broken heart still sometime they apologies when its not their fault. They do blaming game if something happen they blame someone or themselves or god.

They’re more prone to anxiety or depression

These softhearted people overthink. feel deeply, weak emotionally that make them more weak, give them stress, anxiety and depression. These people consider themselves as a victim of bad destiny. They want to come out of the world with brave heart but their base nature make them failed. They always need someone as a pillar of strength to come out of these.

They love solitude but not all softhearted people are introverts

They love solitude  because this is the only way they can live happily and peacefully, no other person matter or no one will judge or make them feel bad directly or indirectly, But this is also fact that they need at least one person to talk, to share their feelings. As a research about 30 percent of highly sensitive people are extroverts but those who are extrovert they hurt more.

– Kriti @Brightway