Yesterday England won their first ICC Cricket World Cup title. The Cricket World Cup final was decided by a Super Over after England were all out for 241 on the last ball of their innings, chasing New Zealand’s 241. Climax is the double tie of the match, the Super Over too ended in a tie. England batting first scored 15 runs in the over, New Zealand had scored 14 runs in first five balls but couldn’t won the world cup when Mark Wood was run out seeking the second run. It was an intense match, Just incredible. The greatest final anyone can ever see.

#Team Eng and #Team NZ

Both were amazing in the finals. It was really fantastic match, get more interesting in the last. After second tie of super over i was really wishing…..Can we give the trophy to both of them please?, where i am the fan of Team India , not Team Eng or Team NZ. This is life and that was just a great match, some one had to win and someone had to lose, But surely both team wins the heart of cricket fans. โค


This match proves some facts of life, That everyone must agree.

Most of life is hard work but Luck is much powerful

This was the most closely contested final in the history of the tournament (Eng vs NZ), Surely time was unfair with team NZ for the trophy, England equal the main score and get a super over. NZ lose even though they equaled in the super over but they too deserve the trophy.


Time can change in reverse

Time is not constant but sometime time can your situation in just reverse. In yesterday’s  single match for once Eng was chasing NZ score but the entire 100 over couldn’t declare the winner and they had to go for super over,where NZ was chasing Eng super over score. superb match it was!!!


Fight until you win

This happen in yesterday’s match, Both team played really well for their targeted score. They showed this spirit against each other, didn’t loose confidence or get over confidence, Till the last over of match or the last ball their  winning was not sure and fight brilliantly for the win and what a Tie it was!!!


A single moment can change entire thing

This single moment was good fortune for team Eng and Bad fortune for team NZ. The ending was going splendid, can’t sure that is the only moment but that over throw get 4 runs for the Eng team was definitely a moment of chance and the last few seconds make a player run out and a team lose the world cup.


โ€“ Kriti @Brightway