Today on the 5th death anniversary of Mr A P J Abdul Kalam,  I remember him and write with due respect to him. He was my inspiration and role model since childhood and I am sure for so many.

Don’t declare holiday on my death,
Instead work an extra day if you love me. 

– Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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Mr Kalam, Concede my regards!

You are every youth’s aspiration,

Your life is truly an inspiration,

Your knowledge and dedication,

Something is beyond imagination,

Your words are precisely motivation,

You proved an excuse is not solution,

We have caliber to create our future,

As a legacy to all the generations,

You left nothing but your lifemanship,

From a newspaper seller kid to,

The most gentle president of India,

Your nobility after all biggest victory,

Made you the role model of the history,

An epitome of science and sagacity,

Scientist in physics & aerospace passionately,

You are the Missile man of India,

Who honored with Bharat Ratna,

Devoted your life for the India,

Not only science but politics also you define,

Nation’s development is only your ethics,

You became one of the politician with no haters,

Your love for kids is really incredible,

For me it was always fascinating,

Since childhood I wanted to be that being,

I wish I could meet you, greet you and listen you,

Thanks to the technology I can always access you,

You made everything possible from the impossible,

Shines like a diamond that came from the coal.

– Kriti @Brightway