Image source – Kriti @Brightway

 “Everything has beauty,

Identify it that’s your duty,

Unfold the beauty within you,

To retrace the beauty all around you”

Blooming flower in my garden is one of the wonderful thing I have witnessed everyday. Every time I see a flower blooms, my heart also thrives with its blades as all the care and nourishment are fructify. This marvelous click is vindication of the notability of rose as a symbol of love and beauty. The tender petals are offering peace and grin.

Now the question is what is beauty? Is it what we see or is it what we feel?

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. What we see in the world is a mirror of what we have in our minds. Like when we see a rose we already have known its significance. So we see it as a beautiful and lovely flower. Human mind is most powerful and absolutely fantastic organ that can be considered as a field of so many fruits of thought. So what flower will bloom depends on what seed we sow and how we nourish it. It all starts and grows within us.

In our mind to bloom thought flowers with fragrance of peace and happiness we have to nourishment it with knowledge, love and confidence. Everything has two aspects try to focus on positive one. Sometimes we have to let go of picture what we thought life would be and learn to find joy in the story what we are living. We should not compromise ourselves because the most important we are all we have. When we take care of ourselves, we feel better, think better and start to attract better. When everything is transforming better our field will also get nourishment with all better and every flower of thoughts will bloom whether its a rose or thorn.

– Kriti @Brightway

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