“You can’t blend in,

When you are born to stand out ! “

-Kriti @Brightway

Hello everyone ! I understand you know your worth, if not then let me tell you. You are amazing just the way you are but there can be some time when you don’t like yourself. Your frequency does not match with others and you blame yourself because everyone else are same. If you ever feel bad about you who doesn’t fit easily with the world. All you need to be yourself, don’t try to be the person you are not. Remember it’s alright if you don’t fit with them or even sometimes somehow you try to fit with them but that doesn’t mean you belong there. If you feel anything like that then you don’t need to change to please everyone else. Just look within yourself and know your worth. May be you are born to stand out from the rest and make special impacts.

-Kriti @Brightway

Image Source – Kriti @Brightway

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