” What is life

Hello friends ! Hope you all are staying safe and doing well. It has been long time I haven’t checked any social platform, actually I haven’t checked anything as that time corona checked not only me but my entire family and the experience is definitely worst than a nightmare.

Life always offers something,

To learn, To experience, To be grateful,

To be a warrior, To love and To live.

 β€“ Kriti @Brightway

For me last one and half month offered way more than all these things. It was the transformation time of my life when I have seen deaths in front of my eyes, then I truly realized what is life.

Life is a fleeting period. A period that starts when you come in this world and ends when you leave this world and both are not in your control. We get so involved in this world and try to be the controller of our life and somehow, somewhere we become, but with that we get so involved in this delusion, trying to be the successful and live the best of this period in our desired way. We all have good and bad sides that sometimes we also never realize. We consider ourselves good as we did not harm anyone but the desires for ourselves make us avaricious that cause the missed gratification even with a blessed life.

I was always curious about the moment of death and after life and have studied “Bhagwad Geeta” that shows what is life. As a human we forget to the real value of life and want to showcase it the most exiting by marks, degrees, certification, achievements, appreciation, job, money, power, position, love, care, respect, friends, family, standard and all materialistic things.

Everyone is living a life according to their karma. As we see some are suffering and some are enjoying, Some are working and some are struggling, Some have luxury and some have misery. Karma is a powerful thing in life and works after life also. We can’t change the destiny but all we can do a change in our deeds, in our thinking to live and understand life. No matter how good you are or what good deeds you have, you can’ stay here forever. Everyone’s return ticket is already confirmed. So do not stuck in illusion of world by any dark emotion. There are so many things we consider issues in our life but in reality it doesn’t. If you think about the universe, the nature… It is beyond our imagination. We are just something and these issues are literally nothing. So rather than complaining about anything or everything, be always grateful for all the blessings. Focus on to live the life fully, happily and positively. Invest most of your time and energy for your health and with that keep working for the wealth of pocket, heart and mind and if you are capable then do not hesitate to help. Spend time with family, talk to friend, make them feel loved and special. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive and forget something or someone but do it for yourself. Spread love and happiness in a way as this is the end of your life period. Remember you will reap what you sowed, So do good deeds always. Don’t worry about anything, sooner or later everything will be fruitful. Indeed God is miraculous, just keep praying and trust him.

Have a healthy and wealthy life. Stay safe guys, Don’t take this corona lite.

 β€“ Kriti @Brightway

Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting. Have a wonderful day and take care.   Till next time…

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