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What is life ?

When I think to write,
So many facets arrive,

In a way you were created,
Life is a miracle of nature,

Fought to arrive and to alive,
Life is a struggle to survive,

Innocence and purity of a child,
Life is to get mature with time,

An emotional roller coaster ride,
Life is to control emotions and rise,

Marks and degree in colleges,
Life is about all the knowledge,

Skills in a field of your interest,
Life is all about the experiences,

Love, friendship and family,
Life is not about other luxury,

Being capable to pay enough,
Life is to give some for donations,

To keep your dreams alive,
Life is to be motivated every time,

To be in any type of healthy relation,
Life is to love, respect and understand,

Money is not everything to exist but,
Life is about money to get something,

Spread love and happiness to others,
Life is to make yourself happy at first,

Having delicious food on your plate,
Life is about to feed an esurient,

Whether you are born rich or poor,
Life is about being capable enough,

The successful business meetings,
Life is about the family timing,

Visiting orphanage and old age homes,
Life is all about taking care of parents,

There is no limitation of any kind,
Life is all about freedom of mind,

Having the quantity of people but,
Life is all about quality of people,

Don’t try to be ideal or perfect,
Life is about to stand for yourself,

The quality of your thinking,
Life is just about balancing.

– Kriti @Brightway

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