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Golf is so amazing ! The vast welkin, big lawn, greenery, fresh air and you are playing there. Holding a stick in hand, taking a shot to catch the hole. This is so natural but Topgolf is something different. A place that gives you ultimate night golf experience at a brilliant architectural club with savory food and so much fun. Lets indulge in that from my experience !

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Topgolf is full service restaurant and bar. A perfect place for any foodies, drink lover or party enthusiast. It offers an innovative experience with its indoor simulators, an addictive point scoring golf game, chef driven food and drinks, the blazing architecture and party theme interiors. No doubt it is a perfect place for family fun and other group outings that is loved by all golfers or non-golfers.

Interior Architecture 

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On busy weekends it has two to three hours waiting time. During that waiting time you can wander in this amazing Topgolf. It features multiple driving bays spread across multiple floors. All bays are climate controlled, so no matter what the weather’s like, you’ll be comfortable. The bay area has full bars or dining areas throughout with multiple TVs, music and sports bars. If you don’t want to play golf, you can simply enjoy food, music, game and scene. It has pools with private cabanas, VIP areas, clubs and pool parties.

Bay Time :

Bay is the area where you can sit, eat, play and relax. It has party atmosphere, highly social and family-friendly event for all golf lover and fun lover. For the golf shot when one is playing other can rest, eat, talk or enjoy the scene. They use micro chipped balls and you need to aim for dartboard targets anywhere from 20 to 215 yards away. The further dartboard you hit, the more points you score. You won’t need to keep track of your score, as Topgolf’s systems do that for you so Just aim, shoot and have fun! 

Delicacies : 

Topgolf stands for target oriented practice, but most people are not practicing, they are just having fun. In addition to the golf games, It offers an substantial menu and beverage program. The normal food menu includes appetizers, sliders, flatbread, sandwiches, salads and burgers. Breakfast and brunch options are also available.  The menu stretches on for many pages, but the main courses break into three main categories that is flat breads, burgers and sliders. Everything on the menu can be delivered directly to your hitting bay, which means the fun doesn’t have to stop just because it’s time to eat.

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