Hello dear friends ! Before wishing a happy yoga day, I am hoping you are doing yoga everyday. The yoga day is just a reminder to celebrate yoga not just for today but for everyday. Do you know as people say an apple in a day keeps doctor away, just in that way yoga in a day keeps all the worries and disease away, If not then it definitely gives you strength and immunity to fight and win the battle to conquer a healthy body.

” A healthy body is most precious possession we have,

So take a good care of it.”

– Kriti @Brightway
Image Source β€“ Kriti @Brightway

I have grown up in a yogic environment. My family is yoga oriented and that’s the reason I do yoga before I know yoga. When I stepped out for education and career I missed it sometimes but my body is adjusted in that so even if I missed it for some days I can catch it back. Yoga or not yoga, there a difference stands in energetic vibes for entire day.

Yoga is a magical light,

When the slothfulness and dullness is occupied.”

– Kriti @Brightway

The power of yoga is truly amazing to experience but it’s hard to understand without doing it everyday. Once you get indulge then it always drags you for its energetic vibes. The daily dose of yoga definitely helps me to bring peace and freedom in my body and mind.

” Yoga is something that helps to bring

peace and freedom in your body and mind. “

– Kriti @Brightway
Image Source – Kriti @Brightway

Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting. Have a wonderful day and take care.  Till next time…

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