World and it’s people

Hello friends ! I hope you all are staying absolutely safe and have already checked out the first chapter about life. Covid19 Diary- chapter one.

Last one and half year have changed the world. We understand what is the power of nature. Humans are a part of nature just like all other creature but they can not rule the planet. This epidemic totally changed the way how the world use to process. Several phases of lockdown and unlock down is happened but we are still in the fear. Covid19 is the most unexpected that can happen to anyone and my heart definitely goes with those who have suffered the worst, lost their loved ones and are still in deep shock or grief.

When my body was fighting with virus, I was struggling in hospital for my loved one. Covid19 is the most contagious virus and if it gets you then everyone else will leave you. It offers different taste of the same virus to different people. For some stay at home and chew some vitamin tablets. For some more visits to doctor with more discomfort and more medicines. The mild and moderate symptom can be treated at home with doctor’s consultation and proper care. You need to isolate yourself and that will teach you a lot. It’s time to give your mind some rest and spend most awaited me-time at best. Everything else in the world can leave you except yourself. So this is the time to get indulge with self-love and understand self-worth. The next some need to pay hospital bills and their immunity will fight with it. During such kind of crucial time, whether you are at mild, moderate or severe case, support from someone is an energy booster. So if you are on other side, never miss a chance to help and care someone, specially when they need it the most. Your little loving thing will forever imprint.

“In a world of struggle,

Try to be someone’s angel.”


Everything that was happening in world, happened with me. I never understood the pain or situation in exact way until I lived. As in the case of covid19 helping someone is the chance to get virus and everyone want to save themselves so the social distancing was done by phone calls even when there is immediate need for someone. Numerous phone calls by the people who came to know about it, some for love, some for care, some for concern and some just curious. No one came forward except few who became a pillar to family in that struggle. Some stranger angles arrived unexpectedly and offered a helping hand unconditionally. May god bless them abundantly !

The world is full of love and hate. Everyone has their own struggle case, it can be physical, mental or emotional. We can’t expect from anyone and we can’t blame them for their action because we don’t know their condition and their intention. It doesn’t necessary that your immediate people will call you or come to you, not just in covid19 but in any needy situation. You may have some people who really stand with you, some want to be with you, to hold you or some at far connected with heart… Praying for you, worrying for you and trying to help you in any possible way. The positive vibes always reach you and If you don’t get that vibe from a person whether they stand nearby, You should not ever expect anything from them. Do not try to understand the world and it’s people. You never know when a family is enemy or when a friend becomes stranger or when someone arrives as an angel.

A small help can be big sometime…. Stay safe you guys, Don’t take this corona lite.

 โ€“ Kriti @Brightway

Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting. Have a wonderful day and take care.  Till next timeโ€ฆ

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