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Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau - Unique Mackinac Island, MI Vacation

Michigan is beautiful state covered by lakes and natural beauty. Mackinac Island is one of Michigan’s most popular tourist attraction. It is situated in Lake Huron between Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas. More than 80 percent of the island is a State Park, offering beautiful scenery of high cliffs, ravines, natural bridges, caves, and rocks. It has unique historic ambiance, on the island no motorized vehicle are allowed except bicycles and horse carriages that definitely feels like back in history. Lets get lost here to get all tips to have a wonderful time there.

Mackinac Bridge :

A journey to Mackinac Island is as beautiful as the Island itself. For the Island, journey can start from Mackinaw city or St Ignace. Both cities are connected with one most popular bridge of Michigan ‘Mackinac Bridge. One of the longest suspension spans in the world It connects the Lower Peninsula at Mackinaw City to the Upper Peninsula at St. Ignace.

Arrival :

File:Shepler ferry dock, Mackinaw City.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The transportation to reach at Mackinac island is by water of by air only. Tourists arrive by ferry or by plane at the island’s tiny airport. The best way to get to Mackinac Island is this scenic route across the deep blue waters. Two most popular ferry (Shepler’s and Star Lineis available entire day after every half an hour.  At Island you won’t get any motor transportation so only walking, bicycling and horse carriage are the ways to explore the island.

Ferry to Island :


To spend more time on island you should take early ferry and grab a seat on top deck like. Where you can witness the wonderful beauty more wider and closer and the cold wind of lake will touch face again and again and give a refreshment to entire body and soul. On one hand it’s horizon and on other side its far view of Mackinac island. Totally the ride is amazing and takes almost 20 minutes.

To have the best time at Mackinac Island :

Mackinac Island, a world of it’s own ! It offers a beauty that gives a refreshment from your routine life. It’s a natural place with beautiful historic architecture that offers a simpler way of life. Spend the day wandering through the shops of the downtown, touring the island on a horse carriage tour with a guide or self , biking or walking, everything is just splendid there. One round to the island is approximately eight miles in which more than 80% of the Island is open for hiking trail, natural spectacular view, the rock and woods that makes it more attractive and marvelous. I am sure glad that I went there.

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Things You should know about Island :

  • This island has no motor vehicle only bicycle, walking or horse carriage is there. Rental bike is not a good option, its necessity. If you can’t ride a bike for long , horse carriage is for you.
  • The down town is always busy enough, multiple horse carriage is available or plenty of bike rentals shops are available, Downtown is the good area to roam around, shopping, restaurants for hunger, bar, stores for gifts or souvenirs etc. At Mackinac Island you will get fudge and that is a must try there. The variety of fudge is available there.
  • The attractions tour is approximately 3 miles, Rest part is natural trail and scenic view and there some areas is not open for public that is private areas belongs to someone. A brief tour won’t take much time including time for photo enjoyment at every attraction and restroom breaks along the way.
  • Multiple day at island give you multiple ultimate experience to get lost in nature….Riding, biking, hiking, swimming, boating, kayaking, Fishing, camping….etc.

Attractions of the Island :

  • Stay at Grand hotel to make it more memorable but remember it is a bit expensive.
  • Fort Mackinac is a royal, beautiful, white building that attracts everyone, situated at the top of island. It’s white historic architecture is a must visit for the magnificent visa of island. There are additional tickets available at the entrance of fort.
  • Arch Rock is the park’s most impressive and picturesque point. It is a natural limestone formation, which sits on the shore at a height of 146 feet with a width of as much as fifty feet.
  • Skull Cave is a natural cave carved by the waters of Lake Huron. This island is home to several freshwater springs, known as  Dwight wood Springs, where tourists can relax in the pergola.
  • Mill Creek Discovery Park is he best nature trails. It also has a zip line and rock climb in the woods.
  • Art museum has collected a wide variety of fine and decorative arts. There is a fee to enter but if you buy a ticket for Fort Mackinac, entry to the museum is included.
  • Butterfly house and insect world is really fun visit in the middle of butterflies and insects.
  • You can see the lighthouse from several different vantage points while enjoying a day at Mackinac. It welcomes at the island and bid a farewell to come again when you leave.
  • The Mission Church and Little Stone Church welcome both residents and visitors to our Sunday worship services.
  • For water sports boats or cruise are available, You can spend your time in fishing or take a Kayak Tour or the ultimate adventure Parasailing is available over the Lake. Any water fun will give you the splendid view of Mackinac bridge.
  • There are three places to grand golf area at Mackinac Island. Grand hotel-The jewel, Wawashkamo golf club or mission point resort.
  • The Mackinac Island Public Library serves all residents as well as seasonal visitors spending their time to get some knowledge.
  • Michigan governor’s summer residence is available in Mackinac Island. The Michigan Governor’s Summer Residence, also known as the Lawrence is a three story structure.
  • There are three Mackinac Island cemeteries, two civilian and one military, different green parks, interesting natural trails, bluffs and rocks.
  • No matter how short or how long you stay you will love this island for the most spectacular view of Mackinac bridge.

Tips & Tricks :

  • Check ferry schedule and be flexible but try to catch early ferry to the island.
  • If you plan to stay more days then book your hotels in advance to ensure good room and reasonable price or you can do camping that is ultimate fun to save your pocket.
  • Get multi day pass if you want to stay multi day.
  • Pack your picnic snacks with you just that will save your money and time for light hunger.
  • Carry a light backpack with essentials and water bottle.
  • You can bring your bike to ferry and get free transportation around the island full day.
  • Avoid fashionable footwear to explore the island, Good pair of shoes is must.
  • There are no stop sign of stop light, you have to be carefully while riding across the street or intersections.
  • Walk around to explore more.
  • You can come by your personal boat and have more fun across the blue water of lake Huron.
  • Take map and make a list for all the attraction you want to visit.
  • Don’t stuck at one place before a completion of one loop to the island. Its easy to complete all attraction of Mackinac Island in a single day.

Hopefully, this post helps you to make a wonderful time at Mackinac Island.

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