Hello everyone ! I hope you are living every moment happily and making it a beautiful memory for future. A happy moment in present can make you cry in future, may be with tears of happiness or a desire to go back to that special moment. Even the bad time can make you smile for all the things that happened and how you handled the situation. So the fact is memories don’t require only happy time, No matter how you are doing that moment stored automatically in the memory box with. Every single moment is a treasure with so many vibes, all you need to understand how to handle the memory box perfectly.

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Memories are so powerful and we all aware of it. Its the memory that makes you able to remember something, recognize people, write exams and many more things that we deal in routine life. It is the only thing that make you live, love and laugh otherwise you are totally lost. The another interesting fact is it has a formula of doubles factor. So whatever memory you pick up from the memory box, it recommends you more related to that person, place or event. Isn’t it amazing just like the digital platforms. If you choose good time then you get to remember only and only good memories and it will make you feel good, happy and relax, if you jump in bad then you may end up depressed, stressed, tensed, angry or with some other dark emotions.

Live your life to make the best memory for future.

– Kriti @Brightway

We all lost in memories so many times. Sometimes its a reason to live or sometimes a reason that we can’t live, Sometimes happiness or sometimes sadness, Sometimes gratitude or sometimes lesson for life, Sometimes a beautiful dream or sometimes a nightmare. Sometimes even a single memory can offer you multiple emotions. Its our duty to choose good one in order to get good emotions. When we remember something, There is an automatic function that just clicks on the memory box and recommends the more similar memories.

Our mind is the controller of the memory box. We have to operate this controller before it operates us. Remember you can not change the past and you can not know your future, all you can live the present and remember only happy memories. Now its a question that how can we remember only good memory when in the memory box there are so many bad ones. Well its much easy then you think. You just need to love and accept yourself. Be ready to learn from all the past events. Remember if you hold the bad memories you can’t celebrate anything good in the present and eventually it will also become a bad memory for future. Its better to let go of your past but don’t forget the lesson, and take only good memories with you. You have single mind for this so long life where you can’t store everything so its better you organize your data. If you don’t leave bad then you won’t get the place for good and you always feel bad more and more. So stop focusing on negative memories. Learn and understand that time and situation changes, a person changes. It’s alright if it happened, may be for once it made you happier or you celebrated it and it gets over now.

– Kriti @Brightway

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