Forgive yourself !

For all the grievance,

Despair you have,

For not being the person,

You wanted to be,

For not showing the way,

You needed to,

Do not beat up and,

Render grief to yourself,

The self-hatred can never,

Undo all that happened,

You are wonderful,

More than you perceived,

You acted optimum,

With all grasp you possessed,

It’s alright if you fall through,

Even when you tried hard,

All your mistakes are,

A segment of progression,

Start it all over again,

With the novel erudition,

Embrace yourself,

With all the imperfections,

Allow yourself to be,

The liberated and gleeful,

Grant a forgiveness to self,

To be the excellent of yourself,

โ€“ Kriti @Brightway

Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting. Have a wonderful day and take care.  Till next timeโ€ฆ

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