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A great meal is always a great feel. The remarkable thing about Italian food is its colorful variety full of nutritious but an authentic Italian food isn’t highly popular in India. For Indians Italian food or cuisine means Pizza and Pasta, with an addition of delicious breads, salads, yummy pastries… Sometimes that is also with an Indian twist because the spice level of authentic Italian cuisine is not matched the taste of Indians. Basically most of the Indian love a customized Italian food which appeal to their taste buds except some who love the taste of an authentic Italian food.

In India Pizza and Pasta has become the hot favorite of most urban families sometimes at the replacement of the good old Chinese like Chow-mein or manchurian. Everyone in family love them so that people love to buy them off the supermarket shelves almost every week.

Pasta is an easy to cook delicacy where Marinara and Alfredo is simply red sauce and white sauce pasta. Macaroni and spaghetti noodles is another dish of itself with some cheese, veggies, seasonings and toppings or sometimes even with Indian flavor with full of spices.

Pizza has become most favorite for all age groups for any party, occasion or even without occasion. Variety of pizza with different flavors, crust, toppings and seasoning is available by some authentic and unauthentic brands. Some small vendors have started selling at low price an Indian versions of pizza.

The other Italian food popular in India is the Italian breads that is also easily available. People love to take it in subway. Garlic bread, cheese chili or mac and cheese toast are some light drooling choice for starter or light meal. For healthy version people love Italian salads also. Salad dressing is available in market to enjoy at your own. Some other cheese dip or bread spread also available in Italian flavor but that is not loved by all. So rest everything like Lasagne, Ravioli and so many more dishes is definitely optional for the Indians.

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