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” Faith and miracle

Hello friends ! I hope you all are staying absolutely safe and have already checked out the first and second chapter from Covid19 diary. Covid19 Diary- chapter one & Covid19-diary_-chapter-two

The two waves of covid19 is already over. Somewhere the third wave is arrived but still situation is better. People are vaccinated and life is getting back on the track. After two years now market is crowded for festivities. Malls are occupied for weekend outing, Restaurants and travel are again attracting people for good time but for people who have lost their loved one in these waves, It is still hard to process but as they say time heals everything and life goes on… Sooner or later everything seems normal, No matter what happens.

I am always a curious soul about everything but the battle of covid19 made me forget everything and dragged me at the final line. I have seen it very closely when death was staring in eyes but life was fighting. It was a thrilling war for a long time and fortunately life won in my chapter.

This chapter of my life is all about faith and miracle because it happened. My family is so devotional and I have grown up in this environment. I do have faith always but few of my family members have prayed more than anything or everything and it is not just for one day or for some desire but it’s daily routine. As a child sometimes I wondered how can they make it priority than some really important work and people then I understand everything when I perceive how powerful and miraculous he is and then I thanked him that I always prayed.

God is power and when you pray you get the ray of power.

This ray directly connects you with the God.


It was the time of worst emotional up and down. When every night even the doctor and staff clearly stated it is the last night. One of the most severe case that has ‘no’ chance to get back but miracle happened. The ray of power helped to fight and win the life. So all I can say to lead a good life you need to get indulge in spirituality and devotion. It will give you everything you ever wish in life or for life. Have more faith in God that if life is testing you then it is testing the power of God also. The more faith you have, the more power you get. Keep praying and have faith always because miracle happens, Specially when you need it the most.

Have a healthy and wealthy life. Stay safe guys. God is a power you all need in life !

 โ€“ Kriti @Brightway

Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting. Have a wonderful day and take care.   Till next timeโ€ฆ

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