Image Source – Kriti @Brightway

“Disney World”

Where magic happens and Dreams come true,

A fantasy world where charming prince and

Graceful princess have romantic fairy tale,

Their happily ever after in magnificent castles,

Vicious harridan and mischievous incantation,

The talkative fauna and fowl are really fabulous,

 All the characters beget so significant impact

As per the Disney movies always portrait,

To be in this magical realm, I am desirous,

Then once I landed at magical Disneyland,

It was really fascinating as per my imagery,

Brood to adult, throughout infatuated multitude

Architecture of castle and structures were astonishing,

Meetings with disney characters were really amusing,

Verily all the rides were absolutely mind-blowing,

Delectable family rides or the venturous thrill rides,

The fantastic simulation rides that absorbes in chimera,

All the parade, events and celebration were glorious,

The night light show and fireworks were spectacular,

Indeed it was more splendorous than I ever fantasized,

Please take me back there… I state since the day ceased.

– Kriti @Brightway

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