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Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! May you all be grateful and blessed always.

There is always something to be thankful for and today I just want to thank you all for connecting. To all the readers and followers, A gratitude is here for your precious time, for all the comment and appreciation. Sometimes I got quite busy and couldn’t connect and appreciate your posts fully but trust me whenever I get time I love to check it and you all write it brilliantly. Thank you so much for writing such amazing content and thank you for willingly or unwillingly encouraging me to write more. Thank you for making me believe that I am not just an engineer or nature lover but there is a writer/ blogger/ poetess/ traveler/ foodie/ Photographer exist in me.

Thanksgiving is a festive or holiday vibe that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a day to express gratitude for all you have in your life, Getting together with family and loved ones, Having dinner, although turkey is special for Americans whether it’s roasted, grilled or fried but for my kind of vegetarians eating good meal is the special feast and become shopaholic.

What a wonderful time it is when mind-blowing deals are happening as black Friday sale at every store. It starts from Thursday evening and people are so overcrowded for the door buster deals. Door buster deals have limited time and stuff so first come first take is following for this shopping. Some stores distribute coupons during opening hour. People really become crazy for shopping. Shop in indoor outlet stave off from the cold  but for every good store you have to stand in waiting queue. The excitement you can find when people stand in a long queue covered themselves with full jacket, boots, cap and gloves and it’s really freezing cold with little snow. Fortunate are those who arrived early got coupons and good door buster deal too.

After Sunday all thanksgiving deals almost end and cyber Monday starts. Cyber Monday deals are available for one day only where all store give special offers on their site and their app. Those who doesn’t like outing or human interaction they find cyber Monday is better than black Friday. Some people do thanksgiving shopping also online but the real fun is getting outside.

Last two years Covid19 has changed the world and thanksgiving is not an exception. Now when somehow life is seeming to get back on track I hope the thanksgiving is again the same as ever.

May we always find a way to celebrate this digital togetherness, serve each other the feast of brilliant words in the plate of our blog post and become shopaholic for each others blogging store. Lets stay connected, support and motivated each other.

– Kriti @Brightway

Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting. Have a wonderful day and take care.   Till next time…

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