Happy 2022 to everyone ! As the happy new year already begins and five days has been already over. I hope it goes happily for everyone as it starts. Every year end we have so much for the new year, so many plans, wish list and resolutions but most of them goes down within few days. I believe around the end of first week of new year we all have to comprehend whats really new in ourselves and our life and I am sure most people will find themselves same from many years. No matter how positive and motivated you were for new year with resolution and so many plans.

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‘Growth begins with mind’.

– Kriti @Brightway

Nothing can change unless you change. Every year we all grow up undoubtedly by age, certainly by physic but very rarely with mind. May be for everyone the year started with a mindset that things would be different but eventually it’s the same. It’s time to come out and explore something new. Remember your best days are not behind you but ahead of you. So do not indulge yourself with your comfort zone or any pain or regret or be at the same place where you are. Be grateful for this life and make it happen in that way to be more grateful everyday.

My way to happy 2022 begins with myself. I don’t want the world to change but I want a change in myself. The way I think and live need to upgrade. Like everyone I also have plans, wish list and resolutions for new year and whats new is that this time before all that I took a plunge in self discovery and discovered so many things about me.

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What I have on my way to happy 2022 is something the fundamental core values of myself that leads to the better version of myself to live a better life. I am so excited to share it with my digital family and for that I promise to you all and myself to get connected here, To inspire and to get inspired, To learn and to teach, To share and to receive. Specially to be more consistent !

See you soon with a new Brightway post…. Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting. Have a wonderful day and take care.   Till next time…

Love & Peace πŸ’–  – Kriti @Brightway

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