Interesting Facts About Makar Sankrant |

New year bring in new exultation,

To solemnize all the festivals,

Makar Sankranti is here at first ,

The beginning of new harvest season,

When northward moment of sun begins,

That is simply known as uttarayan,

A day for peace, prosperity and spirituality,

Dulcify by sesame and jaggery,

Delighted by kite flying in sunshine,

Hope it brings only delectation in life,

The meritorious deeds and donations,

Holy dip in stream and worship of deity Sun,

Makes the festivities more auspicious,

Wish you be filled with love and laughter,

By holding the thread of joy and hope,

Always soar high just like the kites,

Happy Makar Sankranti and keep smiling,

Love & peace from my side !

– Kriti @Brightway

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