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Happy winter ! The time when weather is cold and vibes are chilled. All we need cozy blanket at home or big jackets, long boots, gloves and scarf to step out. It’s the time to have crazy and tasty bites, sip hot cup of coffee or wine… In short we say, It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I am a winter lover but in the depth of coldest winter I learned that summer is incredible specially in cold countries. Although there are lots of great aspects of winter to be celebrated with mind-blowing winter activities that I really love to experience. No matter how much I love the snow winter vibes but there are some things I simply canโ€™t force myself to enjoy, when it’s polar vortex and wind chills as low as negative 45 degree. That time I realize some love and hate relationship facts with this winter time.

This is a fact of life that there is always some love and hate relationship with everything in life. Here is my love-hate relationship with winter, This might be everyone’s Love-Hate relationship with snowy and coldest winter.

1. Winter time :

Love : Winter is the time for happy spirit

Image result for this is the most wonderful time of year gif

 Hate : It will be too cold for the next 4 months 

Image result for its cold gif


2. Winter Vibes

Love : Its time to get cozy

Image result for cozy gif

Hate : Its freezing outside

Image result for its freezing outside gif


3. Winter Togetherness

Love : Perfect cuddling weather

Image result for cuddle gif

Hate : Aeeeee…… hands and feet are too cold

Related image

4.  Winter Body care

Love : No worry about wax or summer body 

Related image

Hate : Wearing layers before leaving house

Image result for its freezing outside gif

5.  Winter social media feed

Love : Its time to feed social media with snow post

Image result for wow it's snowing gif

Hate : No weather appropriate dress to wear (Short or smart)

Image result for what to wear gif

6. Winter Activities

Love : Amazing winter activities to experience

Hate : Shoes and clothes are restricted to winter boots and big jackets

Image result for snow boots gif

7. Winter Hunger

Love :  Time to relish hot drinks or foods in cold weather

Image result for food hot  gif

Hate : The persisting frostbite outside

Image result for frostbite gif

8. Winter Excitement

Love :ย  Nothing is ever more beautiful than snow fall

snowfall gifs Page 2 | WiffleGif

Hate : The scary drive because of slide on snowy roads

Sliding GIF - Find on GIFER

Love & warmth to everyone !

โ€“ Kriti @Brightway

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