Image Source โ€“ Kriti @Brightway

To all the Doctors out there,
Who dedicate their life to others,
Put their duty before themselves,
Always prepare to give best treatment,

Be grateful for their compassion,
Always honor their dedication,
They are an absolute inspiration,
Let’s celebrate their contribution,

From giving life to saving life,
Doctors do it all as a blessing,
Patience, tolerance & intelligence,
They keep with their stethoscope.

Efforts & sacrifices of doctors,
Specially came to the fore,
During deadly covid19 era,
They put their lives in distress,

Their own safety and family,
Became second after people,
That time was vindication,
Not all superheroes wear caps.

Thank you always!
All the Doctors around the world,
For the attentive care and compassion,
For dedicating yourself to this profession.

โ€“ Kriti @Brightway

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