Bramkamal Flower!

What an incredible luster,

Its the queen of nighttime,

Blossom once in a while,

As small lantern that shines.

โ€“ Kriti @Brightway
Image Source โ€“ Kriti @Brightway

Brahmkamal – The lotus of Brahma, also known as Saussurea Obvallata, belongs to the thistle tribe of flowering plants. Brahma Kamal is a sacred flower in Hinduism and Buddhism, It is named after God Brahma who is believed to have created the universe. The flower starts blooming after sunset and takes about two hours to full bloom to about 8 inches in diameter and remain open through out night. It only blooms for a few hours, symbolizes purity and divinity. For believers it’s being good luck and prosperity.

Brahmkamal is one of the rarest flower and if you witness the bloom you are luckiest. It is commonly known as Night blooming Cereus, Queen of the night, Lady of the night as its beautiful Lotus like flower blooms late night. It is considered as the largest known object in the world. A single petal of this flower has been found to contain more than 1 billion atoms. They have pure white big petals and entire flower is star shaped with strong fragrance.

Brahmkamal flower is a mythological plant. It’s native to the Alpine meadows of the Himalayas, in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and southwest China. This is so auspicious and wish-fulfilling in nature and it is believed that whoever prays to get any wish fulfilled while the flower is blooming will get the desire fulfilled. As per Bhagavad Gita, It represents supreme beauty and perfection.

According to Hindu scriptures, Brahma Kamal is used for meditation purposes to attain peace and tranquility. It possess many medicinal property. As a herb, It helps to cure diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, asthma, and other respiratory problems. The entire plant is used to cure urogenital disorders. The fragrance of this flower is lovely but some people find it awful but It helps to reduce stress, calms down nerves, and reduces anxiety. It is highly valued in Ayurveda also for its healing properties. It improves memory, treats insomnia, increases concentration levels, strengthens immune system, enhances digestion, boosts metabolism used to treat constipation, cleanses blood, heals skin disorder, simulates hair growth, used to treat cough and cold, clears sinuses.

โ€“ Kriti @Brightway

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