About !

Welcome to the Brightway πŸ’«

Hi, I’m Kriti Parashar,

An engineer, independent blogger, photographer and an absolute nature lover.

Brightway is an erection by a creation( Kriti). It describes the deeper reflection of my thoughts, my imagination, my experience, my philosophy, my travel and food diary and my photography. It came in existence with a desire to share something with the world… to teach, to learn, to educate, to share, to receive, to understand, to connect, to communicate, to improve and to be myself.

Millions feelings, Thousands thoughts,

Hundreds memories & divers facets,

Live in the moment is the prime aspect,

Writing is to taste life twice in retrospect,

It's the creation of a wacky dreamy spirit,

An engineer by profession, Writer by choice.

– Kriti @Brightway πŸ’«

Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting Brightway πŸ’«

Happy reading !

**Everything posted on this blog represents my personal opinions and experiences.**


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