Kriti’s creation !

Welcome to the Brightway πŸ’«

Hi, I’m Kriti Parashar,

An engineer, independent blogger, photographer and an absolute nature lover.

Brightway is my creation and I am a creation (meaning of my name). This blog site describes the deeper reflection of my mind, The blend of my thoughts, imagination, experience, philosophy, knowledge, photography and travel-food diary.

Brightway came in existence with a desire to share something with the world. To teach & to learn, To connect & to communicate and To be myself.

Millions feelings, Thousands thoughts,

Hundreds memories & divers facets,

Live in the moment is the prime aspect,

Writing is to taste life twice in retrospect,

It's the creation of a wacky dreamy spirit,

An engineer in documentation, Writer by profession.

– Kriti @Brightway πŸ’«

Writing is giving words to your thought and you can make anything by writing, whether it's your imagination, an experience or knowledge about something .
"Feel it & write it or you can research about it"✍️ 
– Kriti @Brightway πŸ’«

Thank you for your valuable time, Keep connecting Brightway πŸ’«

Happy reading !

**Everything posted on this blog represents my personal opinions and experiences.**

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