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A warm virtual hug and hello to everyone who is reading this post ! You know the world would be so much better if we could just hug everything out. I am sure you all agree with it. Life is all about happening that sometimes you expect and wait, Sometimes you never expect and couldn’t accept, and it would become wonderful if you hug everything in life, no matter what happened just be an optimist and approach for a better way.

Hug whatever life offers you and don’t forget to hug the living beings. It is the best unspoken communication one can have with anyone to exhibit their love and care. There are people who is good in expressing their love and care but there are so many people who is not so expressive. For everyone and in any relation sometimes somewhere hugging is most essential. The truest form of giving and receiving, It’s the perfect expressions of intimacy and affection that always encourage a positive exchange of energy between two beings.

Hugging someone is one of the loving gesture, The best kind of physical touch you can share and the warmth of hug shared between two people demonstrates their attachment, depends on the person to whom you are hugging, the time duration of your hug, the physical involvement of both persons in that hug.

Every hug is special from the formal hug to deep involvement, a hug with animals or even the Me-hug. It has magical powers that doubles the happiness and reduces the dark emotions. It improves trust and security and contributes to a better immune system, nervous system and blood pressure. It boosts heart health  and reduces pain. It relives the feeling of tiredness, muscle tension stress, anxiety, anger, loneliness and fear. It is a silent way of saying that you matter to someone or some believes in you that helps to build confidence and self-esteem.  It is the best way to greet someone, support someone, encourage someone, appreciate someone,  protect someone, love someone, care someone. Undoubtedly It is the best medicine that gives a person an emotional lift and works better than words.

” A hug is truest form of giving and receiving,

That exchanges only positive energy.

– Kriti @Brightway
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It is magnificent when you get a hug from someone who understands you, someone who makes you feel protected, who cares for you, who love you.  To communicate, a formal hug is the best way to start and make others feel comfortable. Indeed It is few of the thing that always gives energetic, positive and relaxing vibes.

Spread love with your special and warm hug to make someone’s day. I am sending all of you my virtual hug. I hope you already got big hugs and will always keep this happiness within you or if you are struggling with life I wish you more power and happiness to you.

Happy Hug ! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

– Kriti @Brightway