Holi is such a wonderful festival,

That fills dull life with vivid colors,

Sweet moments to cherish forever,

Marking the spring as it’s change of season,

An occasion that is beyond discrimination,

To wear decrepit clothes with exultation,

Love and happiness is the communication ,

Near the holy blaze to sear all the demons,

The wet fun and sunshine is delectation,

When you throw colorful balloons and,

Enjoy the rain dance with genial colors,

Special sweets and snacks to savor,

Let spirit is dyed with asunder flavors,

That spreads grin on each one’s visage,

Love those who put colors but always,

Be aware of those who change colors,

Stay resplendent and celebrate the fullest,

Not only for the festivities but in life ever,

I wish you peace and wise thoughts forever.

Happy Holi to each and everyone ! 😊

– Kriti @Brightway

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